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Dhaka Postal Code / ZipCode

Below we have listed all of the available Post-Office Codes inside Dhaka City (dhaka postal code) including major location such as MotijhilDhanmondiGulshanMirpurMohammadpurUttara etc. Postal codes are mostly used on Letters.

Dhaka is the Capital of Bangladesh, formerly known as DECCA and Jahangirnagar. Majority of the people of Bangladesh lives in Dhaka for Livelihood, Education, Business or more other reason. We hope, these information will be helpful.

To find a code easily by name, Press “ctrl” + “f” ( control key + f key ) on your keyboard and enter the name.

Thana Post Office Code
Demra Demra 1360
Demra Sarulia 1361
Demra Matuail 1362
Dhaka Cantt. Dhaka CantonmentTSO 1206
Dhamrai Dhamrai 1350
Dhamrai Kamalpur 1351
Dhanmondi Jigatala TSO 1209
Gulshan Gulshan Model Town 1212
Gulshan Banani TSO 1213
Jatrabari Dhania TSO 1232
Joypara Joypara 1330
Joypara Palamganj 1331
Joypara Narisha 1332
Keraniganj Keraniganj 1310
Keraniganj Dhaka Jute Mills 1311
Keraniganj Ati 1312
Keraniganj Kalatia 1313
Khilgaon KhilgaonTSO 1219
Khilkhet KhilkhetTSO 1229
Lalbag Posta TSO 1211
Mirpur Mirpur TSO 1218
Mohammadpur Mohammadpur Housing 1207
Mohammadpur Sangsad BhabanTSO 1225
Motijheel BangabhabanTSO 1222
Motijheel DilkushaTSO 1223
Nawabganj Nawabganj 1320
Nawabganj Hasnabad 1321
Nawabganj Daudpur 1322
Nawabganj Agla 1323
Nawabganj Khalpar 1324
Nawabganj Churain 1325
New market New Market TSO 1205
Palton Dhaka GPO 1000
Ramna Shantinagr TSO 1217
Sabujbag Basabo TSO 1214
Savar Savar 1340
Savar Dairy Farm 1341
Savar Jahangirnagar Univer 1342
Savar Saver P.A.T.C 1343
Savar Savar Canttonment 1344
Savar Shimulia 1345
Savar Kashem Cotton Mills 1346
Savar Rajphulbaria 1347
Savar Amin Bazar 1348
Savar EPZ 1349
Sutrapur Dhaka Sadar HO 1100
Sutrapur Wari TSO 1203
Sutrapur Gendaria TSO 1204
Tejgaon Tejgaon TSO 1215
Tejgaon Industrial Area Dhaka Politechnic 1208
Uttara Uttara Model TwonTSO 1231

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